Antoine du Chez?

Since 1974, Antoine du Chez has excelled at reinventing images, improving overall confidence and providing experiences that are shared time and time again with the people closest in your lives.  We connect with your stories, we share our visions and we create relationships that make you feel like part of the family.  

As the only specializing Salon and Day Spa in Colorado, Antoine du Chez continues to surpass the expectations of each and every guest experience through our Service Provider’s expertise.  We take pride in our culture and in our employees.  These qualities and expectations, in turn, are instilled into each Service Provider you see.  Our commitment to superior education and training allows us to provide you with an outstanding experience we hope you will share with others. The focus is on “you” the minute you walk through the doors of Antoine du Chez. With our captivating atmosphere and excellent customer service, Antoine du Chez continues to deliver timeless experiences for every guest.  

Antoine du Chez is always proud to give back to the community.  We work hard donating our time to non-profits, our services to multiple fundraisers and a percentage of revenue to local hospitals and charities.   

Thank you for taking the time to explore what Antoine du Chez has to offer.  We look forward to having you become part of our great family.

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